I’m Ben, a graphic designer based in Bristol, UK. Chouette is my favourite French word; it means great / cool / swell.

As Chouette Design, I produce eye-catching and engaging print and digital artwork for clients around the UK and beyond.

I work closely with clients throughout the creative development of a brief - from initial idea to end product - with a focus on getting results we can be collectively proud of.

If you have a brief you’d like to share or a project to discuss, please say hello.


"Ben ‘got’ the project straight away and came up with a strong visual idea that reflected the tone and content of the film, and then put together a really stunning brochure. He really went the extra mile to make it work for us." − Alison Sterling, Ignition Films

"Ben is perfectly tuned in to what we are about as a brand, he seems able to second guess what we want before we know we want it and delivers every time." Jon Sheppard, Nice Up! Records

"My favourite designer for web and print - always great ideas from the brief, good dialogue (and patience) developing the ideas, good finished work and willing to pull out the stops to make it happen, even on tight deadlines. Highly recommended!" − Kim Tilbrook, SWANK Street Theatre

"From a one-off poster to a 200 page book, Ben’s approach to his work has always been professional and top quality. He has good inspiring ideas on design and also works well to a tight brief. A joy to work with every time!" − Phil Gibbons, Clifton Diocese

Photo Credit: Tim Schnetgoeke